Omnichannel POS solutions

Our POS system works for all - whether you have multiple stores, a single store, or pop-up shops. It syncs with your online store, managing products, stock, promotions, and customers in one place. This simplifies operations and boosts your business growth.

Sell anywhere, anytime

Expand your reach

Use our POS to manage physical and online stores, and connect with Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for more sales opportunities.

Sync Data in Real-Time

Unify orders, inventory, and customer data"across all channells for integrated, efficient" management.

Manage On-the-Go

One-stop solution for managing your business across all stores, whether physical or online

Expert Support for Peace of Mind

Our customer success team is ready to assist via live chat and email, helping you increase sales.

Omnichannel sales

Fast POS checkout

Our easy-to-use software enables quick checkouts, minimizing queues

Broaden Sales Channels

Use our POS to manage physical and online stores, and connectwith Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for more sales opportunities

Enhanced Shopping Experience

We provide various options such as online orders for in-store pickup and delivery for in-store purchases, catering to all customer preferences.

Simplified Inventory Management

Unified Inventory Across Channels

One platform links all your physical and online store inventories, optimizing stock use

Centralized Order Management

With every sale, transfer, return, or exchange, inventory levelsupdate automatically, allowing real-time sales tracking.

Easy Inventory Counting

Our system supports inventory checks using barcode and RFID scanneTrs.

Customer Loyalty Program

Know Your Customers

Easily collect customer feedback and track purchase historry.

Engage Across Platforms

Reach your customers on all channels using email and text meessages

Reward Loyalty

Build lasting relationships and reward your loyal customers witlh exclusive events, discounts, or content.

Enhanced Data Center Efficiency

Omnichannel Insights

Use our all-in-one platform to monitor order, inventory, custormer, and transaction data. Access and track retail reports from both your physical stores and online shops, staying informed about your business stattus anytime, anywhere.

Customer Data Integration

The system automatically tracks customer behavior across ally tracks custoI touchpoints, both online and offline. This provides a clearer understanding of thee customer journey, enabling precise marketing strategies and increasing customer lifetime value.

Customizable Multi-Dimensional Reports

Merchants can create tailored reports based on specific analytical needs, allowing for in-depth analysis and more effective store management.

User reviews from Retasmart

Retasmart allows us to serve our customers instantly

Whether they're shopping in-store, online, or on social media. It keeps us updated on real-time sales, inventory, and staff performance.

As our business grows and becomes more complex

Retasmart has scaled with us, always meeting our needs.

Boosting customer loyalty and sales has always been our goal

Retasmart's solution help us achieve this more effectively.


Founder and Creative Director of
a clothing brand


Chain Store Operations Director


CEO of a beauty brand

Frequently asked questions


Why should my business opt for Retasmart?


Retasmart provides retail businesses with a comprehensive set of tools for daily operations, including robust ecommerce solutions and a POS system. It seamlessly integrates online and offline sales, fostering customer loyalty through omnichannel relationships. Retasmart also enables real-time inventory synchronization across all locations, enhancing the customer shopping experience with services like in-store pickup, local delivery, and home delivery.


How can I boost customer loyalty in my store?


You can leverage Retasmart's customer management system to create your own loyalty program. Offer rewards like points and discounts to encourage repeat purchases, improve services, and enhance customer experiences to build loyalty.


How do I get started with Retasmart?


Firstly, register an account on our website and try our services. If you need additional guidance, click on the sidebar to chat with us online. Our customer support team will provide step-by-step assistance. You can also visit our help center for useful resources and information.

Unlock a new business growth model
with Retasmart

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